This Diploma in Teaching at Sussex Teacher Training College offered me the opportunity to observe the methods in action to become a successful teacher and to witness student acquisition in real time by giving the opportunity to teach in schools of Sussex College Network while also having guided reflection and practice from the experienced trainers and teachers. I got tons of great useful ideas for my classroom practice and a broader theoretical base from which to understand my work. Further, it was very easy for me to join as a teacher to a reputed international school in Sri Lanka since this teaching diploma at Sussex Teacher Training College is approved by Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka.

Maleeka Prabhashi Samaraweera

The teacher training course was so valuable to me as well as I'm sure it was valuable to others too. It was the best teacher training course I attended so far. it's a great educational center which gives enormous support to students to enhance their abilities.

Nimnaz Afrar